How to Prepare Your Appliances for the Holidays

The holidays are approaching fast, so make sure your appliances are in tip-top shape! Take the time now to get your appliances ready for the holidays, so you don’t get caught with an oven that won’t heat or a refrigerator that isn’t up the challenge of cooling enough food for the whole family. from quick repairs to some routine maintenance aimed at ensuring your appliances are working properly, we’re here to help make your holidays a success.

Whether you’re cooking the turkey for Thanksgiving or baking pies for dessert, you’ll need an oven you can count on. Make sure it’s heating up to the right temperature and closes securely. Your stove top is equally as important for whipping up all the sides, so check that your burners are all working. If you find a problem, we can send a technician out to fix it before your guests even arrive. We’ll also be happy to perform a maintenance check to make sure everything goes smoothly.

You’ll need a place to store all those leftovers, so don’t forget to check to see if your refrigerator and freezer are cooling. You wouldn’t want all that food to go to waste. If there’s ice buildup in the back of the freezer, that means it isn’t cold enough. Whether it’s this or another issue, we can get it fixed, so you can get back to entertaining.

Don’t let your appliances spoil the celebration. Call us today at (512) 280-1200 to schedule a maintenance checkup or service appointment today. We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season!