How To Prevent Dryer Fires

Most people don’t think their dryer could cause a fire in their home, but 15,000 such fires occur every year. Dryer fires are a serious safety risk to you and your family. Let’s learn how to prevent dryer fires by understanding the most common causes.

Full Lint Filter

This is the most common cause of dryer fires. When the lint filter is full, it makes the dryer work harder, so it has to operate at a higher temperature. Most dryers have a safety switch that will shut on and off to control the dryer’s heat. The switch can fail if it’s used too much, though, which means the dryer could overheat and can catch fire. Clean your lint filter with every load of laundry to prevent a fire, and consider having a technician install a dryer lint sensor like LintAlert to help monitor your lint buildup.

Dirty Vent System

If the vent system is dirty, debris can collect inside the vents and can block the air flow. Have your system cleaned by a professional to keep it free of debris, so nothing blocks the flow of air through the machine.

Residue Inside the Dryer

Sometimes residue or debris can get inside the dryer, and when it gets overheated, it can cause a fire the same way a full filter or dirty vent does. Clean the interior of your dryer periodically to cut down on the risk of residue.

Flammable Items 

Some common household items are made of flammable materials and should never be put in the dryer. These include:

  • Tennis shoes with rubber soles
  • Rain boots
  • Plastic items like shower caps
  • Foam-back rugs
  • Anything stained with cooking oil

Keep these dryer hazards away from your appliance at all times.

Electrical Failure

A short circuit can also catch your dryer on fire. Inspect the power cord occasionally to make sure it’s not frayed or worn, and check your circuit breaker or fuses to ensure they meet local electrical codes.

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