How to Protect Your Appliances from Power Surges

Many new appliances use computer boards to control them, and they can be affected by power surges and lighting strikes, just like computers and other electronic devices. A power surge usually only lasts a fraction of a second, but it can do enormous damage to your appliances. To protect your them from power surges, we recommend plugging your large appliances into surge protectors.

Understand How Surge Protectors Work
Newer appliance surge protectors include builtin fuses that operate as fail-safes. The fuse breaks the connection before the increased voltage can cause any damage. Circuit protection is also common in many surge protectors. They stop electricity to the appliance when the amperage pulled gets too high.

Don’t Rely on Power Strips
You might think your typical power strip would be adequate protection, but that’s not true for larger appliances. The best protection is from a single-outlet surge protector that fits directly into the wall outlet. Choose a surge protector with three-line protection that includes neutral-to-ground and hot-to-ground protection to disperse the heat away from your appliance during a surge.

Don’t Forget the Breaker Box
You can also install a protector in your breaker box to protect all of your appliances at once with one device.

If you’re having any issues or need assistance protecting your large appliances, give us a call at (512) 280-1200 to schedule an appointment today. We’ll help get everything in your home set up so you never have to worry about damage from power surges again!