Reduce Your Risk of a Dryer Fire with LintAlert

Dryer fires are one of biggest homeowner worries, especially when it’s time to leaving the house unattended. We all know dryer accidents can cause major damage, not to mention the serious safety risks they pose to family and pets.

As the No. 1 cause of dryer fires, lint build up is a scary prospect. Even during normal use — no matter how many times you clean out that filter — lint accumulates over time, eventually blocking the duct and restricting the flow of air in your machine. A clogged duct combined with lint blowback can ignite a fire.

Duct Blockage Detection

LintAlert is a small monitoring device that gauges the back-pressure in your dryer duct and notifies you if there’s a blockage. Featured on NBC’s Today Show, LintAlert can be easily installed by your South Austin Appliance Repair technician with other services in minutes during an appointment. It works on all dryer brands and plugs into a standard 3-pronged electrical socket near your dryer. As lint builds up, the light on your LintAlert will turn from blue to green to yellow to red, letting you know there’s a blockage that needs to be cleared.

A Smart Addition to Your Home Safety Plan

Winner of multiple new product awards, LintAlert is the first sensing device for the dryer that can help you prevent dryer venting problems and maximize your home’s energy efficiency. Just like your smoke detector and CO2 monitor, LintAlert helps keep you and your family safe by putting an early warning system in place to ward off preventable dryer accidents.

Ask your technician about LintAlert or make an appointment to have the device installed by a knowledgeable professional, who will set up and test the unit to make sure it’s working properly. Add LintAlert to your home safety plan and get peace of mind that you’re doing everything you can to reduce your risk of dryer fires.